How to choose a double glazing company

This week we have a guest post for you. We feel this article gives some really great advice on how to find a double glazing company that you can trust with your home. Please read on and if you have any questions regarding any of Extra  memberships or accreditations, please get in touch.

For most of us, our homes will be the biggest purchase we ever make. This is a huge investment in both money and time getting our homes exactly how we want them, whether we want a stylish, modern home or a quaint, comfortable abode. With all this effort and time spent in our homes, it’s understandable that we should be fairly picky when it comes to choosing which companies to work on it.

Choosing a double glazing company

When looking for a home improvement company, be it for windows, doors, conservatories or even a home extension, finding a trustworthy company is a must. Luckily, there are a number of accreditations and memberships that you can look for to ensure you are choosing a company that can be trusted to do a great job. The accreditation companies will have done all the hard work for you. They will have vetted each company to ensure they meet strict guidelines; in some cases, they would have gathered reviews to ensure the company are reliable and offer a great service.

The Best Double Glazing Company

We’ll start with one of the most popular factors for finding a trustworthy double glazing company, the review website. There are lots of different review websites, each with pretty much the same premise. They list the businesses online and people who have used these companies can give a review. This will usually be based around a “score” of how the company did, you can rate their products, service, aftercare to come up with an overall score of how you rate them as a company.

Review websites are a great starting place to find a company you can trust to work on your home. But with so many review websites to choose from, Which (we’ll get onto this one in just a moment) should you use for your home improvements?

As there are so many review websites, we are going to focus on a couple which we feel do a good job of vetting the companies and specialise in the home improvement industry.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that could put you in touch with local, reliable tradesmen whose work had been checked out – a website that was as good as a personal recommendation?

Firstly, we have the household name that is “Which”. Which have been testing products and telling us what is good and bad for years. They now have a platform called the “Which Trusted Traders”. Which vet their member companies and give you the chance to leave reviews for businesses you have worked with. What a great way to find a company with whom you can trust your home.

Which Trusted Traders

Secondly, we have TrustaTrader. This is home improvement directory designed specifically to help you find tradesmen who can work on your home that have been vetted and reviewed to give you a good idea of your skill level and level of trust.

TrustaTrader say “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that could put you in touch with local, reliable tradesmen whose work had been checked out – a website that was as good as a personal recommendation?”. Yes, it would and Trustatrader is just that.

Trust a Trader

These are just a couple of the main review platforms which speciaise in the construction industry.  You can find tradesmen of all types on here and they are a good source for reliable window companies.  There are obviously LOADS more review websites online, too many for us to list here, just ensure the ones you are using are trustworthy and truly vet their members to ensure you are getting a trustworthy double glazing company to work with.

The Glass and Glazing Federation

Review companies are very useful but if you want to choose a well vetted window company, then ensuring they are members of the main industry bodies is a must. The Glass and Glazing Federation is the industry authority, helping promote best practice for its members and helping to ensure their members are pushing the highest technical and health & safety standards. The GGF is recognised by the government and plays a large part in influencing new standards and regulations, such as The UK Building Regulations. Picking a company that is recognised by the GGF is a great decision to ensure you are using a well-run company that is dedicated to quality windows.

Glass and Glazing Federation


FENSA is the government scheme for monitoring building regulation compliance specifically for the windows and doors market. This makes FENSA an important “Tick” on your list when looking for your ideal double glazing company. FENSA approved installers are also all regularly assessed to ensure their compliance to all building regulations are maintained, so you can be sure the company you choose is maintaining their highest possible standards.


Ready to choose a double glazing company?

We have given you some of the main memberships and accreditations to look out for when choosing your ideal double glazing company. By selecting a company with good reviews on these platforms and ensuring those memberships are in place, you should be on the right track.

Other important things to look out for include:

1. Long standing reputation
2. Great reviews and comments on social media platforms
3. Real install photographs
4. Legitimate insurance backed guarantees

We hope you enjoyed the guest post. Extra have been in business for over 17 year and have built up a reputation we are extremely proud of. We are members of all the platforms listed above, with over 1000 positive reviews from our happy customers.

If you would like a quotation for your home or have questions about any of our accreditations, please get in touch on 01622 909400

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