Buying Double Glazed Windows

When you are looking to buy double glazed windows (or any kind of windows for that matter), one of the main aspects that springs to mind is how much better they are going to make your house look, both inside and out. Style is always one of the main aspects people think about when purchasing any of the main home improvement items; whether you are replacing your front door with a nice new double glazed composite door or even adding a conservatory to your property, the styling of these additions is very important.

How to choose the perfect window styles

When buying replacement double glazed windows for your home, a common misconception is that you must replace your existing windows with windows of the same style. This is not the case, there are a whole host of different window styles available, which can be fitted to most homes.

Different window styles can give a whole new appearance and character to a property.  These days there are so many different styles of windows to choose from and each come with their own set of different options, from materials and colours through to different double glazed glass options.

Firstly, let’s look at the different styles available.  There are lots of different types of windows which can add a different style and more functionality to your home.

What are Casement Windows?

Many people will not have heard of “casement windows”, but it is very likely that these are the style of window that you have in your home.  This is the most popular option in households around the UK and is the standard window that you would expect to see in an average English street.

The casement window has hinges on one side and a locking mechanism on the other. This may sound like a boring option, but it is the most popular style of window in the UK and can be fitted in a range of different sizes, materials and colours.  Casement windows don’t have to be a boring option, they are always available in a variety of different colours and finishes, so you can still add that level of your style to your home with your new windows.

What are Sash Windows?

When talking about windows or glazing, the term “Sash” is basically just describing one single frame.  Sash windows came to England in the 17th century, where they were a must have item for home owners. Now if you own an original Georgian or Victorian property or are building a new property in this style, then sash windows are a must.  As we mentioned before, there is nothing stopping you from changing your standard windows for any other style and adding Sliding Sash windows to a property can give it a real classic style.

Sliding Sash windows are traditionally made up of two sashes, one in front of the other. The windows slide up and down with either a counterbalanced weight or a spring in more modern windows. They can be slid to open from the bottom or at the top, allowing you to let a great amount of air into your home.

Traditionally sliding sash windows would have been single glazed and made from timber. These days there are many more options available, with double or triple glazed glass framed with a range of different materials and colours to choose from.

What are Flush Casement Windows

When you say Flush Casement windows, the first name that pops to mind is Residence9.  The R9 collection of Flush Casement windows is an absolutely stunning addition to any home.  This range has been designed to replicate the timber window designs of the 19th Century, giving you all of the classic styling of a traditional timber window, with all of the benefits of a modern window system.

A flush casement window (sometimes known as a flush sash window) is the name for any window in which the sashes close into the frame, giving a completely flush finish. This unique style makes flush sash windows a very sought after product and a great choice for any property, new or old.

Buying Timber Windows

It doesn’t seem that long ago that all windows where made from timber, with home owners keeping their windows frames up to date with regular finishing and painting.  Modern materials took the window and door market by storm with their low upkeep, durable build. This saw households all over the UK replacing their old timber window frames with new uPVC or even Aluminium windows.

Even with the large amount of selling points for uPVC windows or Aluminium windows, there are still a large amount of properties with timber windows.  This is generally the case in any listed building, in which the property must keep with the originally styled timber window frames and many other properties which are trying to achieve that traditional look and feel.  If you are looking for timber windows, speak to your local Extra Windows advisor and find the perfect fit for your property.

Buying Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows have become a popular choice when replacing the windows on properties around the UK.  Previously, Aluminium windows would only really have been seen on commercial properties.  With their light weight and strong build, they have now become a sensible choice.  Although slightly more expensive than standard uPVC windows, the aluminium material makes for a sound investment.  The frames are practically maintenance free and as the aluminium is so strong, you can see some stunning slimline designs available for a very modern appearance and great views.

As well as being super strong, the aluminium window frames are also very thermally efficient and have been seen to make a huge difference to the heat loss for properties. The extra strength also allows the use of triple glazed glass, which can give even more energy saving properties to further save on your heating bills.

All in all aluminium windows are one of the most expensive choices for window frames, but this can be seen as a great investment with their long life, durability and energy saving potential.

How to buy windows

Now you have the basic information for the different styles of windows, you can make your educated decision and start planning your order.  Buying windows from a reputable business is a very easy process. Once you have picked the style of window you are looking for you will be able to see the many different options available to you, you can design your perfect windows and then a professional surveyor will visit your property to take the official measurements for you.

If you are looking to replace your windows or have any questions regarding anything we have covered here today, please feel free to contact Extra Windows directly on 01622 909 400.

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